What the hell is this all about?

So, I have been contemplating on what makes a truly scary story. I get emails and comments all the time that share thoughts about this very issue.


Some people seem to take to the “real life” stuff like stalkers and so on, while others are quite vociferous that the paranormal tales are what keeps them listening. Obviously, I like to have a good mix on my channel, but it me to thinking about it.


I have shared a couple of things with y’all that fit both categories, and I have to say, I personally lean towards the former. Spooky stuff that’s happened to me leaves me intrigued and questioning, but the real life experiences are what scare me to the core. The time I almost drown stands out as the scariest thing I can recall, and even at this moment I look back at that and shake my head - #1. Why the hell did we think it was a good idea to mess around in a storm sewer during a thunderstorm’ and #2. Holy shit, I should be dead.


Frankly, I should be dead for a lot of other reasons, but I’m talking about horror here.


I am fascinated that we all are fascinated by scary stuff. Even my bride, who says she hates scary movies and rarely listens to my channel, can rattle off a movie she’s seen or a situation in her life that will never leave her mind. She very well can say she doesn’t like it, but I think deep down even the staunchest critics of horror have a little sliver of love for it.


Kid you not. I just narrated a story about a possessed kid from the POV of a Pentecostal preacher. Matter of fact, I recorded it twice - each time, the waves are there, no issue with the recording set up (Sennheiser through Mackie ProFX8 to PC) but the recording could not be saved. Twice.


Odd for one time, strange for two times. I’m going to give it a third shot and if it doesn’t work, I chalk it up to something beyond my means not wanting a story to be told. Am I freaking out? Nah, but it is weird. And that’s that -  it’s just odd.


Now if I lean back and think about the water getting higher and higher on a desperate run out of a drainpipe, shit. My back tenses and my heart rate goes up. All over something strange that happened decades ago, and not as strange as something that just happened right in front of my face.


Anyway, just thought I’d share some ramblings. I hope to do more of this in the future and hope you dig it.


Be excellent to each other.

And be wary of things that go bump in the night. It could be anything.

A ghost.

A monster.

Or the guy next door.

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